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The Center for Interethnic Youth Education Sighişoara (ibz), together with the National Minorities Organizations, organizes the 17th edition of the "ProEtnica - Intercultural Festival Sighişoara" festival between the 21st and 25th of August 2019. The project is implemented in partnership with the Department for Interethnic Relations and the Mures County Council as partners with financial contribution, as well as by the Romanian Government through the Ministry of Culture and National Identity as financer.

The project is also supported by the German Embassy in Romania, the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the Brandenburg Land in Germany, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the Sighisoara Municipality, the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN), the Institute for Foreign Relations in Stuttgart (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen Stuttgart), Divers Association and PEN Romania.

The objective of the project is to contribute to the strengthening of interethnic peace in a pluralistic and democratic society, promoting intercultural dialogue and artistic interaction at European level. The objective is achieved through the following specific objectives:

1. ProEtnica offers national minorities of Romania an Agora for expressing, preserving and developing ethno-cultural identities in a European context

2. ProEtnica promotes intercultural dialogue and artistic interaction at European level by organizing a 5-day intercultural festival with 600 participants and 15,000 visitors.

3. ProEtnica promotes Romania as a model state at European level regarding the protection of national minorities.

The artistic program includes traditional dance and music, performed by ensembles of the National Minorities, on the main stage in the Citadel Square. At the same time, a new category, entitled the literary salon, where writers belonging to national minorities, as well as writers who write about minorities, present their works, organize debates, readings, presentations, exhibitions, book launches. The festival also includes the sections: Agora of intercultural dialogue (lectures, round tables, symposiums), theater, art exhibitions of contemporary artists from national minorities. The program brings together craftsmen as well as presentation booths of national minorities. The presence of the national minority of the German sorbs develops the international side of the festival.              

ProEtnica is promoted through its website as well as by its numerous international, national, regional and local media partners, who will publish reports on all media channels with the results of the festival. At the same time, cultural patrimony of national minorities, intercultural dialogue and artistic interaction are promoted.               

The target groups of the project are national minorities, intermediary organizations such as those facilitating intercultural dialogue, mass-media and the whole society.              

The direct beneficiaries are over 600 participants from national minority organizations, 50 participants at the summer academy from European countries, 20 media representatives and 15,000 visitors.              

Indirect beneficiaries are about 100,000 people who receive the message of the festival on media channels and other informal channels.

The Center for Interethnic Youth Education and ProEtnica - Intercultural Festival Sighişoara are partners in two important cultural projects: Interkultural 2019, organized by Stuttgart Institute for Foreign Relations (ifa Stuttgart), August 18-23, 2019 and Intercultural ”ProEtnica” Summer Academy, organized by Divers Association, August 19-26, 2019.

This project aims at enhancing interethnic peace in a pluralistic and democratic society, promoting intercultural dialogue and artistic interaction at European level.