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The Centre for Interethnic Youth Education Sighișoara (ibz) was founded in 2000. It has been financially supported by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany between 2000 and 2003.

Our mission is to promote dialogue and interaction between people to foster mutual understanding and strengthen acceptance of ethnocultural differences. Therefore, we are committed to the following objectives:

- To organise educational youth programs;

- To organise cultural programs;

- To organise civic and training programs;

- To organise social programs;

- To promote and develop ethnocultural tourism as well as ecotourism in Romania.

All these objectives have been achieved since 2000 by organising 17 editions of Sighișoara's Intercultural Festival ProEtnica which is the most important intercultural event in the country. Overall, all 17 editions brought together more than 9,000 representatives of all ethnic groups in the country, had more than 100,000 visitors from Romania and abroad and contributed to improve inter-ethnic relations by strengthening intercultural dialogue through cultural and artistic methods.

Ibz has successfully conducted projects with the support of the following national and international institutions: the Romanian Government represented by the Department for Inter-Ethnic Relations, the Ministry of Culture and the National Cultural Fund. Internationally, projects of the ibz were supported by the European Union (Youth in Action programs), the European Social Fund as well as the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Furthermore, the Centre for Interethnic Youth Education (ibz) established a Romanian national association called "Romanian Hostelling  - Association for Hiking and Youth Hostels". It aims at promoting youth hostels as educational institutions for youth.