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Sighișoara will become the European Capital of Intercultural Gatherings

The preparations for the 16th edition of ProEtnica 2018 Festival are in full swing


The Association Educational Centre of Youth Sighișoara (ibz) in cooperation with the Romanian Government, through the Department for Inter-ethnical Relations (DRI) and the County Council of Mureș are organizing between the 22nd and 26th august 2018 - ProEtnica – Intercultural Festival Sighișoara.

The 16th edition will take place during the European Year of Cultural Heritage and encompasses many cultural manifestations of the national minorities in Romania, which aim to promote the understanding of cultural diversity as a main element of the European Identity.

This project aims to consolidate inter-ethnical peace in a democratic and pluralistic society. Proetnica would like to become an agora where ethno-cultural identities can be expressed, preserved and developed, and where intercultural dialogue and artistic interaction is being encouraged. The organizers are glad to welcome over 600 participants representing the national minorities in Romania. Also, continuing the internalization efforts of the festival this year’s participation of the Minority of Sorbs in Germany represents a further step.     

The festival will feature traditional dance and music performances presented on the Citadel’s Stage by over 50 artistic groups, representing different national minorities. The event will have a scientific section as well, which will include lectures, book launches and debates on relevant themes for national minorities. These will take place in the Baroque Hall of the City Hall Sighișoara. Additionally, there will be some movie nights, which will be projected at the National Centre for Tourist Information. In the same location a common art exhibition by contemporary artists from national minorities will be organized. Another art exhibition entitled “The Images of Diversity”, curated by the Department for Inter-ethnical Relations can be visited at the Blacksmith Tower. Furthermore, participants are encouraged to visit the presentation stands of the organizations and the craft fair with traditional handmade products, as well as to get involved in the interactive workshops carried out in front of the stage

The evening program of the Proetnica festival includes concerts with highly appreciated performers: Maia Morgenstern, Bucharest Klezmer Band and Ionuț Galani. One major highlight will be on saturday evening, with the concert of the band Farfarello, including Mani Neumann, Ulli Brand, Ioji Kappl and Ovidiu Lipan Țăndărică.

This festival aims to establish a meeting point of the national minorities, but also a bridge to the majority population, so that a true intercultural dialogue can take place. Discovering the cultural heritage of the 20 national minorities in Romania will enable us to bring to life the motto of the European Union “Unity in diversity”

The project is being supported by the Department for Inter-ethnical Relations of the Romanian Government and the County Council Mures, as partners and by the Ministry of Culture and National Identities and the Municipality Sighisoara, as financers.

This event is being organized with the support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Romanian Cultural Institute of the Romanian Government, The Institute for External Relations Stuttgart and the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the Federal State of Brandenburg.


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Sighișoara, 06.08.2018
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